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How to start

Thursday 3 May 2012

How to start, links to useful sites, where to ride.


How to start

Slowly. Take you time and get familiar with the bike, your balance, and the gears (and brakes). Leave that ride across to Blenheim for a bit later. Take it easy and enjoy some slow cruising. Riding on sealed off-road cycle paths (or really quiet roads) leaves you free to focus on this stuff initially, then try the road. 

If you’re new to cycling, just get some saddle time that focuses on getting your balance, turning, and stopping. It’s a good idea to do this somewhere there’s enough room to wobble around (like a deserted car-parking area) with a smooth, surprise-free surface. Get a feeling for your brakes and how much pressure on the brakes you need to stop or slow you at various speeds, and the difference between the front and the back brake. Almost all bikes will have brakes on both wheels - usually the front brake is the right-hand lever and the rear brake is the left-hand lever.


Links to useful 'starting out' sites

The Road Code for Cyclists has some good tips on learning to ride a bike, see pages 9 - 16 of the Code, which you can download for free here;

Also check with the ‘Ride On’ section of this website for riding training programmes.

Links to other general riding information:

The complete Road Code for cyclists; download from this page;